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      • Harbin Dongfang Aluminium Alloy Co.,Ltd
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      • Main Products:
      • aluminium and aluminium alloy board, pre- stretching plate, the curtain wall aluminum sheet, the aluminum pattern board, the half ship plate, coating plate, the bimetal board, the embossed plate, the mirror kneading board, the corrugated sheet and so on; Strip, bottle cover material, PS board and so on; Foil material: Air conditioning foil, electric cable foil and so on; Tubing, aluminum welded pipe, bar material, profile, industry molding and building profile
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      • No.31, Qingnian street, Pingfang District, Haebin City
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      • 150060
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      • Ren Jun(Manager)
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      • 0451-86515168
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      • 0451-83119077
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